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keppel electric review : referral & promo code here

What is Keppel Electric Referral Code For Friend?

This Keppel Electric Referral Code for Friend helps your friend earn a $40 bill rebate when your friend signup for Keppel Electric, while you will get $25 bill rebate

How to use the Keppel Electric Referral Code for Bill Rebate?

You can get the $40 bill rebate by obtaining the referral link from your friend and sign up for Keppel Electric using this referral link.

Looking for a Keppel Electric Referral link?

Here’s my Keppel Electric Referral link . You get $40 bill rebate and I will get $25 bill rebate too.

What other Keppel Electric Promo Code To Use?

Currently, there are a few promo codes available which you can use together with the referral link above. For more details on the promo codes, check out this link

Why I Choose Keppel Electric?

Keppel Electric is Singapore’s very first home grown electricity retailer. It has been powering Singapore’s electricity grid for over 21 years of experience. To me, I feel that it has lower risk of getting out of business than other companies. I certainly don’t want to waste time to research on another electricity retailer to switch to or the paperwork involved in switching.

Will my Electricity be interrupted when I make a switch?

Your electricity will remain uninterrupted when you change to another retailer as SP group is still operating the national power grid and delivering the electricity to you.

If you have found this Keppel Electric review helpful, and you would like to get a $40 rebate too, feel free to use my Keppel Electric referral link.

(I just posting this for sharing purposes. The opinions are based on my personal research. This post is not sponsored by any electrical providers)




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