Trust Bank Referral Code S6KJ55W8

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Trust Bank Referral Code
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Are You Looking for a Trust Bank Referral code?

You can use my Trust Referral code S6KJ55W8. To be completely transparent, if you sign up using my code, I’ll also receive a S$10 FairPrice Voucher.

What Is Trust Bank Singapore?

Trust Bank Singapore is a digital bank in Singapore, formed as a joint venture between Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group. The bank was officially launched in September 2022, aiming to offer a range of financial services primarily through digital platforms. Trust Bank provides services such as savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans, leveraging technology to enhance user experience and accessibility.

Key features of Trust Bank Singapore include:

  1. Digital-First Approach: As a digital bank, Trust Bank operates mainly online, providing customers with convenient access to banking services via mobile apps and online platforms.
  2. No Minimum Balance Requirement: Trust Bank offers accounts with no minimum balance requirement, making banking more accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Partnership Benefits: Leveraging its partnership with FairPrice Group, Trust Bank offers various benefits to its customers, including discounts and rewards when shopping at FairPrice outlets.
  4. Competitive Interest Rates: Trust Bank aims to provide competitive interest rates on savings accounts and other financial products.
  5. Focus on User Experience: The bank emphasizes a seamless and user-friendly experience, incorporating advanced security measures and customer support to ensure a positive banking experience.

Trust Bank Singapore is part of a growing trend of digital-only banks that aim to revolutionize the traditional banking sector by offering more flexibility, better technology integration, and cost-effective services.

Is Trust Bank Singapore Safe?

Trust Bank SG is a digital bank backed by Standard Chartered Bank and FairPrice Group.
It is regulated and supervised by Monetary Authority of Singapore. In addition, SGD deposits in your Savings Account with Trust bank is protected by the Deposit Insurance Scheme for up to SGD $75,000.

Why sign up for NTUC Trust Bank Singapore?

There are many benefits for signing up for Trust Bank SG.

  • S$10 FairPrice e-voucher if you sign up with a referral code
  • S$25 FairPrice e-voucher when you spend any amount for the first time with Trust Bank’s credit card
  • no lock-in period for account & no minimum balance amount requirement
  • 0 account fees, no penalty fee for account closure
  • 0 FX transaction fee, 0 card replacement fee
  • 21% saving for groceries bought at Fairprice outlets with credit card
  • High annual interest rate of up to 2.5% for the 1st $50k saving balance.

Take note of this if you want another $25 NTUC Voucher

There is currently a limitation with their system. You have to sign up for their credit card first, then get the savings account. If you open savings account first, then you can’t apply for their credit card.

After signing up for Trust credit card, make a spend with it to get the $25 NTUC voucher.

How to get free $10 + $25 NTUC Voucher?

Step 1: Go to and then download the Trust Bank app.

Step 2: Register with a referral code to get the S$10 FairPrice Voucher.

Step 3: Apply for their credit card. Allow Myinfo to automatically retrieve your particulars.

Step 4: After you get the approval for your credit card, you have to set the card limit and bill repayment date. Then, your digital credit card is ready!

Step 5: Make 1 spend with your credit card. And you will instantly get $25 FairPrice voucher updated in your Coupon section.




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